Bede's Chalice Gold Medal

Again Bede's Chalice has won Gold at British Bottlers' Institute competition.

Our most decorated beer is a luscious Belgian Tripel. It isn't too strong! Drink slowly and savour - share it.


Bede’s Chalice is a Pale Golden, Belgian Tripel and celebrates the Venerable Bede, father of British history and literature and a local saint.

The origin of the term "Tripel" is unknown but would appear to denote alcoholic strength. First used in the 1930s in association with the Trappist brewery Westmalle, it now refers to a strong pale ale.

Bede’s Chalice uses full bodied Maris Otter malt with a small addition of wheat and Vienna malt, aromatised by a typical Belgian charge of coriander. The result is a smooth, sweetish, luscious and fruity experience. The peach and orange notes of the malt base are enhanced by the judicious use of a single American hop, centennial. A very satisfying beer with a Belgian character. Some say it is the best beer ever made!

Bede’s chalice is available in our online store here.