Cask Beers

Cask-Conditioned beers, mainly for the pub but available for take home in pins (4.5 gallons, 20 litres).

These beers undergo a secondary fermentation by live yeast in the cask. The condition (or sparkle) develops over time in our temperature controled room (cellar).


Minikegs 5 litres of draught beer to take home.

MinicasksmallTwo types of minikeg concept!

We have bright minikegs with CO2 top pressure which last for three to four weeks once opened.  The beer is naturally conditioned with no filtration or pasteurisation.

Bottle-conditioned beer in minikegs. The same beer as in the bottles. Contains yeast and has long shelf life. May be slightly hazy. Has CO2 injector for when the natural pressure runs out.

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Bede's Chalice Bronze Medal

Bede's Chalice - Bronze Medal

Newsletter 28/07/14

Newsletter 28/07/14

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