Bottle-Conditioned Beers

We only use traditional techniques and craft pure, full-flavoured, natural beers.

No filtration and no pasteurisation ensures that all the flavour and quality is retained in the finished beverage.

All our bottles are suitable for Vegans.


1994 Imperial Pale Stout

500ml and 750ml 10.2%

Imperial Pale Stout created for our 20th Anniversary

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Red Velvet

500ml 6.2%

An unusual ruby ale with cinder toffee body and floral/citrus aroma.

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Mango Hefeweizen

500ml 5.8%

Classic Bavarian Hefeweizen fermented with mango juice.

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330ml 10%

Temptation with Naga chilli.

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500ml 10%

The alchemy of Goldings hops and roast malts make a complex aroma of anise caramel and blackberries.

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Bede's Chalice

500ml 9.0%

Coriander and American centennial hops magically combine to give an aroma of lychees and peaches. Magical!!

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500ml 3.8%

Our best selling beer. Simple pale malts provide a base for a complex blend of hops.

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500ml 4.5%

A thirst quenching pale golden, premium bitter with mild pepper and citrus orange notes throughout.

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500ml 5%

Earthy Fuggles and Goldings hops combine in a smooth English character with hints of kiwifruit and toffee.

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St Cuthbert

500ml 6.5%

A modern strong and aromatic India Pale Ale with pronounced citrus and orange notes.

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Bombay 106

500ml 7.0%

Very pale Maris Otter Malt and traditional English Goldings hops replicate the original pale bitter.

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White Stout

500ml 7.2%

The first modern pale stout! Light but strong, spicy, bitter and full.

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330ml 10%

Sour Imp. Halfway between gueuze and Temptation.

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Raspbeery Saison

500ml 5.6%

A new beer style. Raspberry, Porter and Saison in a dry, slightly sour but smooth dark beer.

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Bede's Chalice Bronze Medal

Bede's Chalice - Bronze Medal

Newsletter 28/07/14

Newsletter 28/07/14

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